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iDisciple Training



When is it?

Wednesdays, March 22, 29, and April 5, 7-9pm Room 16
Saturday, April 1, 9-1pm Room 16
3 of 4 sessions required to register.  Cost is $50.

Contact Ben for more information.


What is it?

Come learn a process where ordinary people can help friends discover God. So many people no longer come to church for spiritual answers but this training teaches God’s people to go to them in ways that are real, welcome, and authentic.  You’ll learn how to work with Him to help people discover God in the places where you live, work, and play.

  •      It’s simple
  •      It’s Biblical
  •      Normal believers can pull it off
  •      It uses skills believers already have or can easily learn
  •      It relies on God to do the “heavy lifting”

Who’s it for?

This seminar is for people who:

  •      Yearn to see others find faith but don’t know how to help
  •      Don’t feel comfortable with most evangelistic methods they know about
  •      Feel guilty for not helping people find faith, but don’t want to “bang people over the head with the Bible”
  •      Find few unchurched friends and family who are willing to go to church

What you’ll get


God is bringing millions of people to faith in Christ worldwide.  You’ll hear the story and learn how to be a part of it.


People come away from this training saying, “I can do that!”    Sharing your faith and making disciples, goes from being a guilt inducing “I should” to an empowering “I can.”


You’ll come away with a plan of how you can begin making disciples with God.  You’ll know how to recognize the people God has prepared for you and what to do with them.


You’ll feel the joy of a process where God does heavy lifting.  Also, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with others who share your heart for seeing people come to faith and come away with “allies” and friends in your own journey of disciple making.