Our mission is to connect married couples with one another so together we can strengthen our relationship with Jesus, our spouse, and each other.

At PCC, we believe that a man and a woman are designed to come together in marriage to reflect the full image of God’s loving character. Although a wedding ceremony before God is key to living out His purpose, we value even more the prior preparation and endless investment post the wedding day. Consequently, below you will find our suggested process for making your marriage thrive:

// Pre-Engagement
Though it might lessen the engagement surprise, the goal here is to lessen the potential for a total derailment once each have jumped on the engagement train.
Duration: at least 3 months
Meet with a Pastor: 2-3 Sessions
Process includes: Prayer, Purity, Prepare-Enrich Assessment

// Pre-Marital
The goal is to clarify the essentials of marriage. The focus includes an emphasis on the application of the 5 key VOWs (Seek His Power & Purpose, Commit to Love, Cherish & Respect, Be Gracious & Forgive, Choose the Right Words) along with emphasis on Intimacy, Finances and Family of Origin.

Duration: 6 months prior
Meet with a Pastor: 4-5 Sessions
Process includes: VOWs workshop and/or “A Weekend to Remember” conference

< Available to regular attenders, members of PCC, or as approved by a PCC Pastor. Must be scheduled through Event Coordinator at and in conjunction with a PCC Pastor.

Marriage Enrichment
< The goal of is to breakthrough the issues that are limiting a marriage from thriving. Along with recommend specific therapists and seminars offered throughout the area, couples have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a PCC trained and experienced marriage coach.

Marriage Repairation
< The goal this is to restore the covenant of marriage that has been broken or severely damaged.  Along with recommend specific therapists and seminars offered throughout the area, couples have to opportunity to meet one-on-one with a PCC trained and experienced marriage coach, who have weathered and survived these similar issues.

For more information, contact Brian Rhen, Pastor of People Development

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