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Experience the Life Changing Power of Community
We believe in the life-changing power of small groups! Our small groups meet to study God’s Word and build healthy relationships. These groups meet throughout the week, and coed or gender-specific groups are available.

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Ben Pierce
Small Groups Pastor
Discovery Bible Study

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) Resources


Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a straightforward method that will help you to understand, live out, and share what God says to you as you meditate on His Word. The 4 step DBS method is as follows:

  1. Write out the verse(s) that struck you most from the current week’s passage
  2. Rewrite the verse(s) in a way that you’d say it to another
  3. As a result of the passage I will…   .
  4. This week, I will share what I learned with…

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