College & Twenties
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College & Twenties Ministry | Tuesdays 7pm
We are a network of college students and young adults committed to seeking truth, extending grace and having fun while we do it.

We are college students and young adults each on our own faith journey. We gather together to extend grace, celebrate and encourage one another, navigate the stresses of life together, and ultimately deepen our relationships with Jesus. Join us Tuesday nights for incredible teachings on identity and Galatians, authentic time in small groups, and some sweet social and serving events.


We kick-off for the Winter January 16th! We meet in The Basement at PCC 3560 Farm Hill Blvd. Redwood City. This is a cozy space designed for our gatherings. When looking at the main sanctuary on campus, 1. Go down the outside stairs to the left of the sanctuary, 2. Follow the path to the right and you will find us.

Network Events are designed to provide a fun and encouraging space to get to know others in the greater college & twenties community, as well as be a place where we can authentically worship God and grow in our relationship with Jesus.


Small groups are the groups that meet weekly on Tuesday nights as part of our Network Events. We will have a message or experience about identity or Galatians and then split up into men’s, women’s or co-ed small groups. You will get the chance to meet with the same people each week to encourage and walk alongside one another. You can easily join a small group at any point.

Luke Wilkerson, College & Twenties Pastor

Luke has been a part of PCC since 2002 and is married to his beautiful wife Aubri. Luke embraces the nuances of our postmodern and millennial culture and is driven to help young adults live authentically and thrive in faith and community. Luke also holds a masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist intern. His profession in psychology flavors his pastoral work.

Aubri Wilkerson, Small Group Leader

Aubri Wilkerson

Aubri Wilkerson is a passionate young professional with a heart to see women know their self worth and strength. She co-leads our young professional women’s small group and works at Peninsula Covenant Church. She is always up for a coffee date and wants to get to know you by being a listening ear. Feel free to connect with her to meet up or find out about the the group.

Kerry Vanderberg, Small Group Leader

Kerry’s faith in Christ has been the central, guiding aspect in his life. Kerry loves music and plays drums for the worship teams at PCC. He holds a Master’s of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is putting his passion for God’s Word and teaching into practice as the Middle School Bible Teacher and Chapel Coordinator at Los Altos Christian Schools. Kerry is a big fan of superheroes, Star Wars, fantasy/sci-fi, and just about anything else nerdy. Most importantly, Kerry loves to see Jesus grow in people’s hearts and lives as they learn to follow Christ as one of His disciples. Contact him to chat about faith, scripture, or to catch up on the latest superhero news!

Juliann Perkins, Small Group Leader

John Chen, Small Group Leader

Dave Hackworth, Small Group Leader

Henry Guevara, Small Group Leader

Laura van den Hout, Small Group Leader

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Contact us if you are interested in more info! Also, Instagram extraordinaire? Musician/Vocalist? Fundraiser? Future Leader? Join our volunteer team!

Luke Wilkerson
College & Twenties Pastor