College & Twenties
The Network
College & Twenties Ministry | Tuesdays 7pm
We are a network of college students and young adults committed to seeking truth, extending grace and having fun while we do it.

We are college students and young adults each on our own faith journey. We gather together to extend grace, celebrate and encourage one another, navigate the stresses of life together, and ultimately deepen our relationships with Jesus. Join us Tuesday nights for incredible teachings on identity and Galatians, authentic time in small groups, and some sweet social and serving events.


In the Summer we meet Tuesdays at 7pm at Red Morton Park on the lawn where Vera Ave. and Valota Rd. intersect.

Network Events are designed to provide a fun and encouraging space to get to know others in the greater college & twenties community, as well as be a place where we can authentically worship God and grow in our relationship with Jesus.


Small groups are the groups that meet weekly on Tuesday nights as part of our Network Events. We will have a message or experience about identity or Galatians and then split up into men’s, women’s or co-ed small groups. You will get the chance to meet with the same people each week to encourage and walk alongside one another. You can easily join a small group at any point.

Luke Wilkerson, College & Twenties Pastor

Luke has been a part of PCC since 2002 and is married to his beautiful wife Aubri. Luke embraces the nuances of our postmodern and millennial culture and is driven to help young adults live authentically and thrive in faith and community. Luke also holds a masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist intern. His profession in psychology flavors his pastoral work.

Aubri Wilkerson, Small Group Leader

Aubri Wilkerson

Aubri Wilkerson is a passionate young professional with a heart to see women know their self worth and strength. She co-leads our young professional women’s small group and works at Peninsula Covenant Church. She is always up for a coffee date and wants to get to know you by being a listening ear. Feel free to connect with her to meet up or find out about the the group.

Hannah Dawley, Small Group Leader

Hannah Dawley

Hannah is a firm believer that growth happens in authentic community and desires to contribute to this kind of community within The Network and her women’s small group. She would love to get to know you more through life-giving conversations over good coffee. Feel free to contact her to meet up or learn more about the group.

Norm Bún, Small Group Leader

Norm Bún

Norm is a man that highly values authenticity and accountability. His passion for living out his faith in an open and real way is quickly seen in his leadership and lifestyle. Norm is married to his lovely and talented wife Candice and they have a baby boy, Perí. He also serves as the Early Childhood Coordinator at PCC.

Steven Rozzi, Small Group Leader

Steven Rozzi

Steven tries not to take himself too seriously while valuing authenticity. He is a deep thinker (especially when coffee or beer is involved) and part-time Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. His passion is to live alongside spiritual folk as they engage deeply with their communities and the social issues of the day.

Caitlin Walter, Small Group Leader

Caitlin Walter

Caitlin Walter is a young professional who desires to see others find their worth and identities in Christ alone. As an engineer working in a performance driven industry, she has a unique perspective on what it looks like to have a sincere faith alongside a fulfilling career. She enjoys listening to and learning people’s stories and would absolutely love to get to know you over a cup of fancy, over priced coffee. Feel free to contact her to meet up or learn more about her group.

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Luke Wilkerson
College & Twenties Pastor