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Date July 23, 2017 to August 13, 2017
Location Redwood City, CA

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Visit China without a long flight or all the challenges of being far from home: by being a home for a Chinese youth to visit you for a week. PCC’s J-Life Christian Formation through English Immersion camp offers Chinese teenagers a chance to improve their English, study the Bible, and get to know American culture. Let your whole family make a new friend or two that could last a lifetime by just opening your home and table for a week. Students are busy during the weekdays all morning and afternoon in classes and travel. They come home to hosts in the evening for dinner and English practice, then back to “work” (at PCC) the following morning. Your family will be impacted and so will they.   If you can’t host, perhaps you can drive, teach or help with some tours. It’s great fun, and promises long memories with minimal investment.

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