Serve in Spain
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Date July 22, 2017 to August 2, 2017
Location Ceuta, Spain

Contact Person
Sharon S.
Glocal Hub Director

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We’ve gotten so used to it we’ve forgotten it’s news … the waves of people of all ages sweeping up on southern Europe’s beaches. Desperate for any iota of hope, thousands continue to take high risk journeys through north Africa in the dream of eventually arriving within some welcoming European borders to start life anew. Such is the plight of today’s modern refugee – and the tent camps on the Mediterranean borders continue to grow. 

Join others who care deeply for these people, where the most vulnerable and the least reached intersect. Come to Spain to share love and life with people God made and deeply loves. We will reach out to help with physical needs, encourage in steps necessary to adjust to this new and hopefully temporary life, and offer real hope through a relationship with Jesus the Messiah.

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