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Posted November 15, 2017
Posted By Lisa Chan

This week our guest Gmail writer is Brian Rhen, PCC’s Pastor of People Development and one of our teaching pastors this upcoming Sunday, November 19.

“Simply put, I want my kids to really understand and experience God, before they go from our house.”

This deep longing has stirred in me a plan to leave behind truths in a devotional format that God has enabled me to experience over the last twenty-five years. The title of this unfinished project is pretty straightforward: Before You Go, Some Things You Should Know. My hope is that it will help to empower the next generations in my family to passionately follow Christ (just like our mission at PCC). It is a daunting and enjoyable task that often leads me to a greater understanding of my faith, to laughter, and to tears of gratitude as I type.

Last month, as we kicked off our series on the QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED, I chose to write about the first question of the series Who do you say I am? as a part of this family project. Upon further review, I came to realize it also speaks to last week’s question: Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?

As you read this excerpt, my hope is that it graciously reminds you of His goodness and the rich intimacy He wants with you.

Who do you say I am … Teacher, Savior, Lord? (excerpt from Before you Go…)

This question cuts through the minutiae. When asked, it forces certainty to arise out of the ambiguity. The question itself is not one that is offensive. Asked with the right tone, it begs curiosity and anticipation. However, if and when asked by Jesus, I can see how many would hesitate, because it becomes so personally revealing of the one answering and so personal to the one asking. But at some point, we all have to truly answer, not in the Sunday School sort of way, but in an authentic, “Who do YOU say I am?” manner. For all, the answers will come out of ignorance, or powerful experience, or somewhere in between. I have discovered that most answer in one of four ways: “I don’t know,” “a good teacher,” “my Savior,” and/or “my Lord.” For most, it is a progression of faith. Simple belief is needed to call Him a good teacher. Then, the bridge between teacher and Savior is moving from believing to following. The final shift from Savior to Lord involves continually allowing Him to be more and more at the center of our lives. Personally, if I am not deliberate in prayer with Him as I go about my day (Lord, Lord …), I experience large gaps where I easily dethrone Him. The joy in this challenge is that He ultimately has what is best for us and wants to do life with us. So may you not feel pressured by this question, but more allow it to lead you into a deeper daily relationship with Him.  

And join us this Sunday, as we close out the series with our final question and an unforgettable visual illustration to help you ponder your journey on earth and in eternity.

Fan of the PCC community,

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