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Posted August 02, 2017
Posted By Lisa Chan

This week our guest Gmail writer is Ben Pierce, PCC’s Small Groups Pastor and teaching pastor at our gatherings this upcoming Sunday, August 6.  

This coming Sunday, we’ll be looking at a beautiful and tender story of how God meets a widow and her two sons at a time of desperate need through a prophet named Elisha. All they had left was a small jar of oil, a mountain of debt, and an angry creditor. But God moved in and began to fill their empty jars with provision that only He could give.

It seems that all of us have empty jars somewhere in our lives – ones that can’t be filled unless God acts on our behalf. This week we’ll see how this process of giving empty jars over to God is an essential part of the life of faith. The children of Israel did it in the desert when day after day they left their tents in the morning with empty jars and filled them with the manna God provided overnight. People do it today when they give over struggles with their kids, their marriage, their singleness, their money (or lack thereof), their health, their depression or addictions – anything where what we have isn’t enough and we can’t make it on our own.

Relationship with God is often forged at these very points in our lives. God provides oil – either visible provision or spiritual sustenance – and gets us through. And when we look back on it, we find that we actually got more than just “oil”; we actually got a more real, intimate, and heartfelt walk with God. This gift of God Himself far outweighs the value of any oil lacked or provided.

These are deep and rich things of God and we get to drink deeply of them together this weekend. Can’t wait to see you all there and see what God does!

Blessings and love in Him,

Ben Pierce
Small Groups Pastor

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