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Posted August 16, 2017
Posted By Lisa Chan

The king talked with them, and he found none equal to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah; so they entered the king’s service. In every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king questioned them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom.  Daniel 1:19-20

If you missed one of our gatherings on Sunday, I took some time prior to the message to address the events of Charlottesville that took place the day before. You can listen to that by accessing the message on iTunes, SoundCloud, or our website. A copy of my comments can be read here.

I love how PCC is invested in molding the next generation of followers of Jesus through our children and family focused ministries. I see this lived out all over our campus and city, seven days a week:

  • On Sunday I watched it lived out through teenagers in our gatherings (including a regular group that occupy the front row of the 9:05 gathering!), as well as through a campus full of kids and babies, and adults passionate about investing in them.
  • I saw it on Monday as our team of PE+ coaches gathered to learn, train, and prepare to teach PE on 8 Redwood City elementary school campuses, interacting with thousands of kids weekly, most of whom may never set foot on our campus on a Sunday.
  • I see it in our new PCC Preschool director Kelley Rhoads, who said “yes” to a call to come to Redwood City and allow Jesus to love our city through the Preschool. Her competence, Christlike character, and God-sized vision to both build on the incredible 50 year heritage of our preschool and take it to new levels, languages (60% of our city are Spanish speaking, after all!), and locations is extraordinary.
  • I see it every time I meet with Danny Bowers, our new Family & Student Pastor. God gave us an incredible gift in giving us Danny and his family, who landed in Redwood City on August 1. He brings a seasoned track record and solid philosophy of ministry to our whole Family Ministry department. On August 26, from 5-8pm, head to the PCC lawn for a taco truck (bring some money for your dinner and a blanket or lawn chair) and make time to hang out with each other and meet Danny, Kim, and the boys.
  • I see it in my interactions with Tom Netane, our Children’s Pastor. If you’ve met Tom, you are drawn by this man’s infectious smile and radiant countenance. He is crazy in love with Jesus and our PCC kids. It’s amazing to me and an honor to have my daughter in the ministry he oversees.
  • I see it in the myriad of kids offerings at our Community Center. At tennis camps, swim lessons, child care, swim team, and more, this summer has been filled with a quiet roar of laughs and shouts from kids. A safe and nurturing space has been created for kids to grow and be kids!
  • Lastly, I see it in this summer’s Swim and Gym Our incredible leadership team of Sarah Tallmadge, Kim Learned, and Michele Perez, along with their crew of gifted counselors, have created a top notch, Bible-based, fun, interactive, empowering, multimedia, adventurous experience for kids. The founder of Young Life, Jim Rayburn once stated “It’s a sin to bore a kid with the Bible,” and that philosophy seems to drive this ministry, which is filled primarily with kids whose parents are unchurched.

As we continue stepping into our vision to empower the generations to passionately follow Christ, one home at a time, it is imperative that we, like Jesus, prioritize the next generation. I want to report that our collective efforts are heeding that call!

This Sunday, we continue in our This is Us series looking at four teenagers who served God incredibly! We will walk through Daniel 1, and in all gatherings will commission students and teachers as we step into a new school year. I don’t want you to miss out.

God bless you, PCC. I love being your pastor!

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