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Posted October 31, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  John 1:30

This weekend we get a chance to put our money where God’s heart is! That is our honor every weekend when it comes to returning to God a financial offering out of the financial blessing He has graciously given to us, but this week culminates three weeks of learning about the desperate plight of orphans and immigrants locally and around the world.

Our annual God’s Heart for the World offering actually highlights our Seeking Social Justice value, but it also highlights a key value in our ministry. At PCC, we don’t point fingers at the darkness, we light a candle!

  • We light a candle to expose the vulnerability and pain kids are experiencing in the foster care system locally and through the God’s Heart Offering seek to be part of the solution.
  • We light a candle to expose the plight of refugees fleeing from Northern Africa, flooding into Europe desperate and oftentimes despondent. Through the God’s Heart Offering we endeavor to Immanualize these dear people, offering hope and help in Jesus’ name.
  • We light a candle into the darkness of the immigration debate. Seeking a third way, in partnership with World Relief we are hoping to establish a legal immigration center, giving undocumented people in Redwood City the legal tools and advocacy they need to become US citizens.
  • We light a candle in Malawi, coming alongside our long-standing partnership with Malawi Children’s Mission to give incredibly resilient but extremely under-resourced kids a future through relevant job training.

A letter should be hitting your mailbox shortly. Would you join Anne and me in asking God what part you will play in giving over and above your regular giving to PCC?

Our world can seem dim to us, but we have such privilege! For so many in our local and global backyard, the world doesn’t seem dim, it’s a blackout. God knows a little about blackouts and bringing light to darkness! May we honor and represent Him well through our generosity with this offering this Sunday!

Speaking of darkness, this Sunday, we all get a gift–with Daylight Savings time this Saturday night, we all get an extra hour of sleep! Come on time this Sunday as we commune, worship Jesus, and learn about His personally written letter to a church in a city called Sardis. I actually believe that this is the letter that is most relevant for us at PCC! Read for yourself in Revelation 3:1-6. I’ll see you in all four gatherings this Sunday!

I love being your pastor!

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