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Stories of Change

We believe PCC exists to be about people changing by God’s love and communities changing through God’s people.  So click on any of the following links to experience people and communities being changed by God for His glory.


< Beautiful Day 2016 [watch]

< High School Coronado Baptisms 2016 [watch]

< Mexico Mission Recap 2016 [watch]

< Remaining – Jesus Is series 2016 [watch]

< Kennedy Christmas Store 2015 [watch]

< Baptism – November 22, 2015 [watch]

< Beautiful Day 2015 [watch]

< All Church Retreat 2015 Highlights [watch]

< All Church Retreat 2015 Interviews [watch]

< Dirty Water [watch]

< Kayla’s Story [watch]

< Beautiful Day 2014 [watch]

< Who is the Church? [watch]

< Redwood City Reads 2014 [watch]

< Superheroes Father’s Day [watch]

< Baptism Journey Easter 2014 [watch]

< Mexico Mission Recap 2014 [watch]

< High School Coronado Baptism 2014 [watch]

< Brenda’s Baptism Story 2014 [watch]

< Kennedy Christmas Store 2013 [watch]

< Thanksgiving Thanks 2013 [watch]

< Bridge Makeover 2013 [watch]

< Beautiful Day 2013 [watch]

< Father’s Day 2012 [watch]

< Cardboard Flips Easter 2012 [watch]

< Christmas 2013 – “Let It Shine” (The Candle Video) [watch]

< Witness Him changing people in these cardboard testimonies. [watch]

< Phil Sloan had a stroke and found himself paralyzed, but that wasn’t the end of the story. [watch]

< PLUS Ministry (age 50+) A Year in the Life. [watch]

< Kelley tells about the extraordinary things God is doing through her mission work. [watch]

< Hear our people talk about what they’ve learned during the HeLoves series. [watch]

< Ellen tells us about the struggles of unemployment and the joy of serving. [watch]

< Hear about how our Hawes School Distribution is reaching our community. [watch]

< Candice talks about being part of the PCC community. [watch]

< Dave shares his story of PCC and Street Church. [watch]

< Bogi talks about what it’s like to be part of the PCC community. [watch]

< Robin talks about what it’s like to follow God through a difficult time. [watch]

< Elise and Anna tell about a great birthday idea. [watch]

< Tony Ricci talks about who PCC is. [watch]

< Jen Atkins talks about who PCC is. [watch]

< Hear several people from PCC discussing where they are with God in Real Talk. [watch]

< Kevin and Natalie Talistu share how they found Christ and it changed Christmas. [watch]

< Some of our young adults share their funny Christmas memories. [watch]

< Our kids try to tell the Christmas story. [watch]

< Glenn Stewart shares his first Christmas experience without his wife Rita. [watch]



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