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Redwood City Reads

At the enMission logod of third grade, barely 40% of Redwood City students are ready for grade 4 reading requirements.  Most children reading below grade level will continue to fall further and further back each year, bringing them as adolescents to a hopeless future.  Out of this group come many social issues, including crime, abuse of all types, broken marriages, financial failure, and a host of others.

Would you like to create new stories of hope for the future?  Volunteer here!

School children (especially Spanish speaking) of Redwood City need you.

Treat them with books (30,000 books needed!)

Offer friendship an hour a week (400 volunteers needed)

Read together to boost a child’s literacy and hope (1000 children waiting)

You meet at local summer school programs.

In the month of March…

  1. Pick up your 30 Days of Prayer devotional on the patio and begin to pray.
  2. Look for Fishers of People Crayons to purchase and help provide a book for a family without books at home.
  3. Bring new and gently used children’s books to the barrels on the patio.
  4. Go here for more information to read with a child this spring or summer.

Questions?  Contact Angie Ibarra or PCC Mission