You Belong At PCC

We want to help you reflect Jesus, in thought and action. To help guide you, we provide 4 main pathways:

  • gather in community
  • grow through biblical teaching and application
  • give through PCC to help expand our collective reach
  • go into the world to help people locally and globally

We believe that these 4 components, referred to as G4, grow us into well-rounded Christ-followers, who can better love all people and all of God’s creation. Learn more about PCC’s values and philosophy here.

Commitment to Jesus

Who is Jesus? And why follow him?
If you want to learn more about Jesus, start here.

If you have decided to commit yourself to following Jesus, accepting him as your Lord and Savior, click here to let us know you’d like to be baptized. We will be in touch with you, as soon as you complete the interest form.

Commitment to PCC

At PCC, we refer to our members as “stakeholders”. While any of our PCC family can participate in events and activities without being a stakeholder, there is a deeper level of commitment presumed for stakeholders. The 5 steps to becoming a stakeholder are:

  1. Complete the online PCC Stakeholder Application — one person per form.
  2. Complete “Becoming a PCC Stakeholder” customized curriculum (Sessions 1-3), found on the RightNow Media (RNM) platform on the Peninsula Covenant Church channel. Click here to set up your free RNM account.
  3. Meet with a Gathering Pastor to clarify Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) key distinctions, PCC mission and values, stakeholder expectations, and your next steps.
  4. Be formally welcomed in at your gathering. RSVP to let us know which gathering you will be attending.
  5. Within one year of applying, commit to completing our ROOTED series workshop.

For more information, contact your gathering pastor.
Traditional: Peter Perkins
Contemporary: Scott Kirksey or Brian Rhen

Next Step: Get Connected!

We believe reflecting Jesus has the greatest potential to occur when it is done in community with others and with God. So, choose your next step in your spiritual journey through engagement with our PCC family.

Contact Adult Ministries Pastor: Brian Rhen