Be the Bridge Continues…

Be the Bridge Continues…

What lies beyond Be The Bridge?
Crossing that bridge into righting the wrong and restoring relationships most often, if not always, begins with a relationship. Prayerfully consider the following opportunities to begin a relationship with someone much different than you. Click on the Interest Form button to let us know where you would like to get started. But first, check out descriptions of the MANY areas below.


We have many community outreach opportunities! The areas include:

Ongoing Friendships

Adopt a Latino family in East Redwood City
Generations United has identified the 25 families of the greatest need that they serve in East Redwood City. We want each of these families to be “adopted”. You would:

  • pray with them
  • listen to their story
  • encourage them
  • help connect them to resources or people who can help them connect
  • be a friend and support

Spanish speakers are preferred, but fluency is not necessarily required.

Be a language coach
Sit with a native Spanish speaker for 30-60 minutes. For the first 30 minutes, speak together slowly in English, helping and encouraging them conversationally. If you are open to practicing Spanish, do the same thing in Spanish while they help you.

Practice driving
Within East Redwood City, ride along with someone with a driving permit, who needs practice hours.

Visit homeless campsites
Partner with Street Life Ministries‘ outreach team to intentionally care, listen, and love.

Befriend a foster/kinship* family and the children
Visit, listen, encourage, pray, and seek opportunities to meet. *Kinship families are extended blood-related family members of foster kids. The state tends to prefer kinships families over strangers when available.

Join a group in a multi-ethnic church
Become part of a small group, service, or study

Fixed-Date/Day Programs

Deliver food weekly
Through this effort, intentionally connect with a family. Pick up the food at PCC every Tuesday at 12pm (noon). Plan a delivery time when you will to meet with the family. Offer friendship and prayer support. Listen and love.

Help in day camp from July 5-9
Meet a family of a child served by Generations United. You will be meeting up outdoors in the park.

Serve and befriend the homeless on Friday evenings
Street Life Ministries is adding an additional service night in Redwood City. They need people who will intentionally serve, connect, make a friend—staying connected among those who come for sustenance.

Coach, teach, or tutor in East Palo Alto from June 14-July 30
Bayshore Christian Ministries is expanding their summer outreach with a new sports field and new leadership. Meet a youth and build a friendship through any of the following:

  • tutor English
  • tutor or teach robotics
  • coach sports

Be a camp counselor from August 2-6
Mission Springs will be hosting foster children during this summer camp. You can befriend a pre-adolescent child, possibly becoming that caring adult who makes a difference in their long-term future. Email Holly for more information.

Fluent Spanish Speakers

Coach a native Spanish speaker in their Spanish reading skills
Many local immigrants could not finish school in their home countries before coming to the United States as older youth or adults. Subsequently, this people group has generally not been able to learn English, because they were never able to attain literacy in their native tongue. If you are fluent in Spanish, your coaching could be a wonderful gift to help someone toward their assimilation into living in the USA.

Help someone study for obtaining a driving permit
Review DMV rules, practice tests, and road safety.

Future Opportunities

The following opportunities begin late summer or fall. If any of these interest you, please let us know today!

Tutor/teach in a drug and alcohol rehab program
This program is conducted through Street Life Ministries.

Coach or teach financial planning
A certification program will prepare you for teaching faith-based finance to under-resourced people.

Teach independent life skills, as part of a drug rehab program
You will be teaching practical life skills, such as washing and folding clothes.

Walk with a new believer or pre-believer
You will be a mentor in a discipleship relationship.

Teach vocational or entrepreneurship to immigrants
The United States government encourages undocumented immigrants to each get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and become sole proprietors of their own businesses. While they are not allowed to be employed or to employ anyone who is not on a legal path toward permanent residency, they are allowed to serve the public and pay taxes. (In fact, taxes paid by undocumented immigrants commonly surpass their other incurred expenses.) Show Jesus to people from abroad who God has brought to us.

Teach “soft skills” for job training
Soft skills include work ethic, team attitude, and professional demeanor. A certification program will prepare you.

Improve your Spanish!
New classes—beginner and intermediate—will be starting at PCC in the fall. We will partner with La Luz Immigration Resource Center. Do you want to build deep heart relationships? Let us know today, so you can be among the first to get on the schedule.

Let us know…

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