Do Justice, Love Mercy

Do Justice, Love Mercy

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Do Justice, Love Mercy

Reflecting God’s Diversity in Imago Dei (image of God)

VISION: That anyone, from any racial or ethnic background, walking into any PCC Community, experience being accepted and known.


  1. DJLM leads people to justice with kindness and humility, knowing that all are made in the image of God (Imago Dei)
  2. DJLM recognizes we are one body with many members, with varying perspectives & experiences. We seek to pursue justice in love, grace and truth.
  3. DJLM’s goal is to move people into authentic and healing relationships that align with God’s call and character for justice.

Six Fold Multi-Ethnic Ministry Test

  1. Population: Is PCC reaching increasing numbers of people among increasing numbers of populations?
  2. Participation: Are we finding ways to engage life together through worship, groups, and events, service and fellowship?
  3. Power: Are the positions and structures of influence (LST, Lead Team, staff and lay leadership) influenced by the perspective and gifts of diverse populations?
  4. Pace-setting: With additional perspectives, burdens, and gifts in out midst, what new ministry opportunities is PCC becoming better positioned to strengthen and initiate?
  5. Purposeful Narrative: How do the stories of new backgrounds become incorporated into our overarching history? How do all of these streams flow together into one story moving forward?
  6. Practicing Solidarity: In what ways are we standing with and advocating for a multiethnic community? How are we sharing in the suffering of others on both an individual and communal level?

Core Team

Resources to help encourage racial sensitivity

The Diversity & Equity Priority (along with Family Table and Mobilization Priorities) was established in Summer 2020. The Committee on Racial Reconciliation and Equity (CORE) leadership team consists of Grace Wang, Paul Richards, Jackie Hwang, Lisa Sobomehin, and Sharon Seeberger.

Get Involved

PCC is committed to biblical justice. You have opportunities to engage in the community that will allow you to truly be a bridge, help right wrongs from the past, and restore relationships. Click here to see the ways you can do this.

Want to be in a Be The Bridge Group?

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Standing with Our Denomination

PCC stands firmly behind the position of the statements made by our denomination, The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).