House Churches

House Churches

We at PCC recognize that some of our dear community is experiencing fatigue with online gatherings—missing in-person connection.

So what is a possible safe solution? How about being in a PCC House Church?!

What is a PCC House Church?

A PCC House Church is a weekly group of 25 people or less, who together watch the online gathering and worship on Sunday mornings. Common elements are:

  • Designated host
  • Group of 25 people or less
  • Meets outside
  • Livestream or on-demand video of our online worship gatherings
  • Discussion
  • Prayer
  • Safety precautions; such as, 6-foot social distancing and masks—per California and San Mateo County guidelines

 Resources provided for delivery, pick up, or download:

  • PCC Kids resources in a box—arrange for delivery/pick-up
  • Communion in a box—arrange for delivery/pick-up
  • Message Notes
  • Beyond Sunday

How to Sign Up

Below is access to the interest form. There, you will note 3 options:

Register your small group as a House Church:

Registering your small group in this way, allows PCC to equip and support you. It also gives you access to House Church Leaders who are actively collaborating on how to function well.

Lead or host a House Church:

Host: Want to make your home available for hosting PCCers in worship together? 

Lead: Perhaps you’d like to lead a house church? You need not provide both your leadership and a meeting location!

Let us know via the sign-up form below.

Join a House Church!

If you are craving safe in-person connection, simply click the ‘join’ box on the form—it’s that easy!