Do We Weep?
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Posted October 24, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

But as he came closer to Jerusalem and saw the city ahead, he began to weep. Luke 19:41

Thanks for a tremendous Sunday together.  Engaging in “family business” is rewarding and challenging whether your family consists of 7 people (like the Gaddini clan) or is a large family like PCC. This past Sunday’s Town Hall Meeting was both rewarding and challenging for me. If you missed it, you can read the FAQs that we produced for the meeting here. The FAQ was created from questions that PCC’ers asked in advance of the meeting. We will continue walking through these questions at our December 9 Stakeholder Update (congregational meeting). You can find more info about that meeting and even ask further questions, here.

One clarification I want to share is the role Laurie Polich Short, our speaker last Sunday, will play in the life of PCC. Laurie will be joining the speaking rotation for the foreseeable future. She will be stepping into our planned series and deploying her gifts for the body of PCC. Currently, we have scheduled for her to fly up from Santa Barbara and speak three more times between now and Mother’s Day. I am grateful for Laurie’s life, gifts, and heart for PCC. If you want to know more about Laurie, click here.

PCC, Jesus loves Redwood City! Let’s focus on Redwood City for the next two minutes. As He climbed a hill and overlooked Jerusalem, I believe Jesus didn’t only see that city in real time, I believe He saw through that city, to the future of people in cities, the pain and destruction, the brokenness that would only increase as people in cities move farther and farther away from His love. And Jesus wept!

Here in Redwood City, there are formidable challenges facing our civic leaders and I want to ask us as a community to commit to pray for our city on a daily basis, specifically praying for our elementary schools.

Our schools are facing a crisis of declining enrollment, which translates into declining funding, which means hard decisions. All week long, The Redwood City School Board is meeting to hear from our community in order to make the best decisions for our future. There are no easy or simple answers.  

This is affecting everyone from our superintendent, to administrators, to teachers, to parents and students. PCC, this is where we come in. Join me in praying daily in the coming weeks for all of the above, asking God to deploy wisdom to the decision makers. Join me in asking God for tangible ways to encourage all of the above, whether that be an email, text, or letter letting someone know you are praying or however God leads you.

Jesus wept over a city. My challenge for me and for us as a community is simple: Do we weep?  Does our heart break for the city God has placed us in?

Speaking of cities, we will be journeying to a new one this Sunday in our Dear Church series through the seven letters written to churches in Revelation 2-3. Read ahead in Revelation 2:18-29, discovering Jesus’ longest of the seven letters written to the church of Thyatira, the smallest of the seven cities.

I’ll be with you in all four services and can’t wait for us to gather together.  

I love being your pastor!

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