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Posted April 11, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

Behold, I am making all things new…    Revelation 21:5

We’ve all heard the story and sadly, we’ve all missed the miracle—God begins His greatest work by including us. Even though we blew it so badly the first time, back in Eden. Once again He offers the invitation: “Join me! I’m letting you in on the family business. You have a part in this—the re-creation of the world.”

I will never fully comprehend the unspeakable privilege that we receive as followers of Jesus to partner with God in restoring what is broken in this world and keeping our hope pinpointed on His coming Kingdom when God’s restoration plan will be complete.

This morning, as I was spending time with Jesus, He graciously lifted my vision heavenward and spoke the following over me: (I am grateful for the devotional book New Morning Mercies which originated these thoughts.)

“I have not only come to rescue disembodied souls from eternal damnationyes, this is a priority for me, and for that you should be eternally grateful. But I have also come to unleash my powerful restoring grace and to restore every single thing that sin has broken. I came to fix it all! My redemptive mission is as complete as sin’s destruction is comprehensive.”

Sit and reflect with me today:

  • Are you tired of the futility and frustration of this broken world?
  • Are you exhausted by sin, suffering, and death?
  • Are you burdened with the pain that lives inside you and outside you?
  • At times, do you wonder if anyone knows, if anyone understands, and if anyone cares?

Jesus knows. Jesus understands. Jesus cares. His grace has been unleashed all around us and its work will not be done until every last sin-broken thing has been fully and completely made new again.

Be encouraged PCC, Jesus is on the move. He is at work!

This weekend we will dive deeper into this theme in our Love Does series, looking at the restoring power of Jesus. Read up in Mark 1:40-45 and read it slowly – there is so much more there than meets the eye—and on Sunday we will look at how Love Loves the Lonely.

I look forward to being with you this weekend and I love being your pastor!

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