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Posted June 06, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord. Acts 11:21

The New Testament church in Antioch in Acts 11 is a model church for us. We spent a whole month at the beginning of last year studying their dynamic as recorded in the book of Acts. They were incredibly resourced and incredibly generous for the sake of the Kingdom. After of our study, in the fall, we broke a 65-year-old paradigm at PCC and launched our first site in Hawes Elementary School, a community we call PCC Hudson.

That community has been gathering for seven months and they are laboring so well, modeling faith, worship, service, and community. Below is a praise report of a major gift they experienced in being able to serve the Hawes Elementary School community. Our vision with this and future sites is to significantly influence our city for Christ through the local schools, not just to gather at a school on Sunday. Read for yourself how God’s hand is on PCC Hudson in the words of Pastor Scott Kirksey:

PCC Hudson is celebrating this week! We began our gathering at Hawes Elementary School last October. It was the start of a brand new gathering, and it was the start of a new relationship with the school. I remember my first conversations with Dr. Rosell, the principal at Hawes, and how I wanted him to know that we weren’t only there to you use his space. PCC Hudson was launched to reach people as a part of our vision to see more Christ-centered homes on the Peninsula. I wanted Dr. Rosell to know that we wanted to be a light in this community. The posture was, “How can we help?” Dr. Rosell took us up on the offer and invited us to participate in their end of the school year celebration on June 1. The school threw a great party, complete with a talent show, food, and a raffle to win a trip to Disneyland. Volunteers from the PCC Hudson community, with some additional help from our PCC summer interns, organized the fun. We brought in bounce houses, ran carnival games, painted kids’ faces, did chalk art, and served cotton candy and popcorn. I believe the most important part of our participation in the event is that we got to be right in the middle of the neighbors of Hawes.  

I believe God has put us at Hawes for a reason. He opened this door last year when we were looking for where our new site would gather. We landed here and quickly asked the question, “Now that we’re here, how do we reach the neighbors?” I believe this was a huge stride in answering that question.  Hawes has over 400 students. Their families live within blocks of the school and hundreds of them came to the event. I loved the conversations I got to have with people in the Hawes community. It was a whole lot of fun, but my favorite part of the day may have been hearing the principal of the school addressing the families of Hawes, telling them that if they were looking for a place to worship, there is a church that meets right here on this campus. Hearing him acknowledge PCC, that these people who are caring, serving, and engaging your kids right now through all this fun, are the same people that gather here on Sundays … that was awesome!  

This Sunday we continue in our Love Does series looking at how Love Unleashes Generosity. I can’t wait. The second of our three worship candidates will be leading our 9:05 and 11:00 gatherings. It’s going to be a great Sunday!

I love being your pastor!

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