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Posted November 21, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

This week our guest Gmail writer is Brian H. Rhen, PCC’s Pastor of People Development. He will be sharing the message with Katy Langley, Student Ministry Staff, at each of our four gatherings this upcoming Sunday 11/25/18.

It began back in October on a Tuesday night with a group of men that are together every other week. After meditating on chapter one of the Book of Revelation, we begin to list the attributes of Jesus that stood out to us on a whiteboard. As the words multiplied and the discussion continued, I could feel the gratitude and faith rise in the room. We marveled at the mystery of the fullness of His character and how forgetful we can be about it. So it was with the seven churches who Jesus wrote to, which we have been learning from during our fall Dear Church series.

The church of Ephesus had forgotten and easily fell out of love with Christ.

The church of Smyrna has forgotten and their suffering overwhelmed them.

The church of Pergamum had forgotten and been pulled into the culture’s misuse of sex and food.

The church of Thyatira had forgotten and been fooled by teachers that taught false truth.

The church of Sardis had forgotten and was found to be sleepy in their faith.

The church of Philadelphia had forgotten and their problems made them powerless.

The church of Laodicea had forgotten and become lukewarm in their lives for Christ.

The good news in Revelation 1:3 reminds us that “Blessed is the one who read the words of this prophecy and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it …”

So may these words about who Christ is as stated in Revelation Chapter 1 usher in a swell of thanksgiving over the next few days as you reflect on them:

-Who is, Who was, and Who is to come

-The Almighty

-Faithful witness

-Alpha and Omega

-Firstborn of the dead

-First and the Last

-Ruler of the kings of the earth

-Living One

-Who loves us, frees us, made us

-Holds the keys of death and Hades

-Son of Man

Looking forward to reflecting even more with you this Sunday 11/25 as we experience together our final recap to close out the Dear Church series.

Fan of the PCC community,

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