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Posted November 13, 2019
Posted By Aubri Wilkerson

God rewrote the text of my life, when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes. 2 Samuel 22:25 (MSG) 

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Good Afternoon PCC!

We have been Chasing David all fall and for the next two weeks we will chase him to his grave! This week we’ll look at one of the final psalms David wrote at the end of his life.  

2 Samuel 22 reads like an epilogue, a eulogy if you will, regarding David’s life and his relationship with God. 

When you read 2 Samuel 22 apart from Chasing David, it reads as an amazing account of an unlikely hero. It’s the summary of a great king whose greatness is attributed to a great God. 

All of which is true!

But when you start to think about David’s life – the things that happened to him and the things he did. As a king he killed to cover his sin, as a Commander in Chief he betrayed his mighty men, as a father he didn’t chastise his rapist son, as a husband he was estranged and unfaithful to his wives. We start to see David as a complex man. 

He was not blameless and upright in all his ways. He was conflicted, a violent ruler; he was a warrior and a worshipper, and he lived between the tension of the two.

The Bible is never meant to be read in a way that ignores the parts we can’t explain while holding on to the parts we like. The Bible is not the story of humanity … it is the story of God working through broken, flawed humanity. As a whole, it tells an incredible story of a lost humanity, prisoners to the nature of sin, in search of redemption and the God who continually offers grace and redemption.

It’s not David’s purity that made him Israel’s greatest king and hero. David wasn’t pure. But in his faults and mistakes, crimes and sins, he continually brought all the broken pieces of his life before God. The hero of David’s story isn’t David, it is God.  

May we all be encouraged by God’s character and bring all of who we are, time and time again, in surrender to God.

This coming week, we will have the author of Chasing David book with us in all four services. Rene Schaepfler is the real deal and he will walk us through 2 Samuel 22.  

It’s going to be a great Sunday together!  

I love being your pastor!



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