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Posted April 25, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure…  Hebrews 13:4

My iPhone has this amazing feature on it that I take for granted.

It is continually scanning all my apps and talking with them. If the apps feel weary or sluggish due to the pace of technology, etc., it reaches into App Heaven and pulls down an update for the app. Then it gives me a notice of which apps are tired and need to be updated. My iPhone then proceeds to update my tired apps automatically.

During the updating process, my iPhone tells the app to take a sabbath, to rest and let the iPhone do its rejuvenating work. When completed, my iPhone gets the app “back in the game,” so to speak, so it can function in its God-designed way for the good of Gary and the glory of the iPhone!

OK, it probably doesn’t happen quite that way, but it struck me this morning as my phone was going through an update cycle on my apps: why is it that so many of us who are married are grateful for software updates on our devices, but neglect updating our most important earthly relationship, our marriages?

The reality for Anne’s and my 27 year marriage is that we have needed continual “updates” to have the growing marriage we have at this stage of our lives. Through our 27 years together, I have grown into a different man (hopefully a better one!) and we have had to update our marriage toolbox to remain true to the covenant vows we exchanged to each other and to God. In 1991, Anne married a 26 year old youth pastor who was way more zealous and daring than he was wise, and now she finds herself married to a 53 year old lead pastor and father of 5 who is a bit more dented by life but nonetheless daring. You get the point.

We all need marital updates! I get mine daily through shared time with God and with Anne, as well as praying together nightly. Weekly I get my marriage updates through this website and podcast and through a prioritized weekly date with Anne. We get additional updates through counseling when we need it and mentoring with select older Godly couples.

When was the last time you prioritized updating your marriage? We all need it!

In that spirit, on May 18-19, we have literally world class marriage experts and encouragers, authors and equippers coming to PCC for a Friday night and Saturday morning to provide us all an update. The Refreshing Your Marriage conference is not to be missed.

I’ll be honest: in our culture, with the pace of the peninsula, to have a marriage that stands above mediocrity, you have to be intentional. This conference will offer all of us a 6 hour boost that we all need. Whatever you have planned that weekend that conflicts with this, cancel it! You will not regret, and your kids will not regret you prioritizing this time with each other.

Not signed up yet? Click here and sign up. Please do … we all need the update.

This weekend we will continue in our Love Does series looking at how Love Embraces Orphans. It’s going to be an amazing weekend at PCC with our Global 6K on Saturday in our city and then many friends from Africa joining us on Sunday for what we are calling Hope Sunday. I will be speaking at all 4 gatherings about God’s heart for vulnerable children in our community and around the world. Come prayed up! See many of you on Saturday and many more on Sunday!

I love being your pastor!

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