What Should Love Do?
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Posted June 20, 2018
Posted By Lisa Chan

Fathers and mothers are treated with contempt. Foreigners are forced to pay for protection. Orphans and widows are wronged and oppressed among you.   Ezekiel  22:7

It has always been my endeavor to shepherd us as a body in a Kingdom way and not in a political way. I have endeavored to lift our eyes, hopes, and primary allegiances to the Throne Room of Heaven as opposed to the Oval Office, the State Capitol, or City Hall.

I do so, knowing and grateful for the fact that PCC is a body mixed almost 50-50 with Democrats and Republicans. I thank God for our political allegiances (yes, I too have deeply held political convictions that I surrender from most public forums for the sake of the Gospel), but on occasion, when a blatant injustice becomes the topic of a national discourse, I can’t remain silent and the Body of Christ should not remain silent either.

At PCC, we are for life. We are for life that starts in the womb of a mother and support pregnancy causes in many ways. We are for life in its final stages and encourage Biblical discernment around end of life convictions. We are for the life of the poor and are robust supporters of Street Life Ministries. At the core of our life convictions are the lives of children. Children are at the epicenter of every mission and ministry we engage in in Redwood City and around the world.

That conviction prompts me to write us all and call us to prayer over the injustice happening at our borders in the unprecedented separation of children from their parents. In my short 53 years of life, I have never seen such unity so quickly come together around an injustice in our country. Every living First Lady, the Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention and most every denomination in between, including our own, President Trump’s own Evangelical council and multiple Christian Relief Organizations like World Vision are all unified in their decrying this injustice in the past week.

I hope I don’t have to convince anyone of the core immorality that is occurring. What I am drawing our attention to today is not the legality of immigration, but the breaking up of families and unjust treatment of children. Having just spent 11 weeks in the theme Love Does, I ask us all, “What should love do?”  

My answer … something! Pray! Make known your lament! Leverage whatever influence you have to create awareness. If you feel led, utilize the freedoms of our great democracy to write or call your congressional officials. Just don’t do nothing.

We live in a sin cursed world, friends … it is all around us. I feel the pain every day.

  • I feel it as I know that while we have been blessed with an incredible daughter from the Congo, there are still 5 million orphans in that country and too many girls are growing up in what the UN has called “The rape capital of the world.
  • I feel it knowing in our own city boundaries, children in the womb are killed in an abortion clinic on the southern border of our city.
  • I feel it driving past pornography outlets on the El Camino on the northern and southern borders of Redwood City where women are objectified.
  • I feel it knowing that too many third graders in our public schools are below level readers and that will, more than any other social indicator, keep them trapped in a cycle of poverty.
  • I feel it most of all knowing that 95% of our city residents are headed for an eternity separated from God and are blind to their only hope–the gift of forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are called, in the midst of this broken, sin cursed world to be people of Hope and only the Spirit of God can give us the wisdom to steward and act on that Hope. May we act wisely and may God have mercy on our city and on our land.

I love being your pastor!

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