CHASING DAVID: Finding Strength When People Cause You Pain – 11/10/19
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Posted November 10, 2019
Posted By Daisy Segal

"Finding Strength" message notes

King David still captures the imaginations of millions. His thrilling story reveals a very human hero full of flaws, yet called “a man after God’s own heart.” He has long inspired people who wonder, as David often did, “How can I find lasting strength to face my challenges? Where is God when my life seems terrible? How do I handle my self-doubt? Why does God seem to be saying no to my dream?”

What do we really know about the historical David? Join us at PCC as we retrace the actual steps of David in Israel, meeting with archaeologists and local experts, exploring ruins, caves, deserts, lost cities and forgotten relics to better understand the truth behind this fascinating Bible character. You’ll not only understand David better–you’ll learn truths about yourself and God.

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