FM: Kids Small Group Leader

FM: Kids Small Group Leader

Kids Small Group Leader

What we do:

Small group leaders have one of the most vital roles to discipling our children. It is a relational investment. You have the opportunity to dive into being an influencer of a designated group of kids in their faith journeys.

Why we do it:

When kids become adults, many of them walk away from the church, due to:

  • lack of depth in their faith
  • lack of connection
  • lack of meaning

As a result, we recognize the critical importance of sharing God’s Word and purpose for each child, so that they can develop a personal relationship with Christ that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

This role is integral to sharing the Word of God with kids, in accordance with our PCC Priorities—specifically The Family Table.

Aligning with our G4 Strategy, this role helps the kids in Kids Ministry to Grow in Christ-likeness through their participation in a small group. This contribution is a godly gift to our PCC children and their families, because the Small Group Leader Gives of their talents and abilities.

Who does it:

  • You are a believer in Christ.
  • You love children.
  • You are willing to listen, dialogue, intentionally reach out to and disciple children, regardless of where they stand in their faith.
  • You will take the time and patience to be present and show qualities of a Christ-follower.

How we do it:

  • Collaboration with the PCC Kids Ministry Director and co-leaders. 
  • Create intentional space for children to be part of our Sunday Small Groups. 
  • Have consistent opportunities for relational and spiritual growth.

We win when:

  • Children have a Small Group where they are known by name.
  • Children know their leaders by name, as a result of leaders being committed to kids’ faith journeys. 
  • Kids are valued and engaged.  
  • Friendships are forged with teammates.
  • Teammates pray for and encourage each other.
  • Teammates share ideas and experiences.

Email: Family Ministry Director, Jacquie Ronan