FM: Kids Sunday Roamer

FM: Kids Sunday Roamer

Kids Sunday Morning Roamer

What we do:

Sunday Morning Roamers are to be available to regularly touch base with classroom/group leaders, making sure they have all necessary resources to run programs and activities, as well as to cover them if they need to step out. Roamers are also to be helping hands for retrieving needed items for classrooms.

Why we do it:

We know that providing a safe, structured, fun and friendly environment will help foster engagement and growth for our kids. We love knowing our PCC kids are developing relationships with each other and with Jesus. These aims drive us to maintain a high standard of quality—to the best of our ability. Therefore, we take measures to optimally enable our classroom leaders.

This role is integral to sharing the Word of God with kids, in accordance with our PCC Priorities—specifically The Family Table.

Aligning with our G4 Strategy, this role helps the kids in Children’s Ministry to Grow in Christ-likeness through their participation in Children’s Ministry programs and activities. This contribution is a godly gift to our PCC children and their families, because the Sunday Morning Roamer Gives of their talents and abilities.

Who does it:

  • You love kids.
  • You have initiative, recognizing the importance of knowing where all supplies are located; e.g., first aid, extra materials—such as paper, glue, snacks, walkie-talkies, toys, and game pieces. 
  • You are capable of helping with deescalating child behavior that may need a break from the classroom/group. 
  • You are available to jump in, when needed, on a Sunday morning.
  • You recognize the importance of getting well-acquainted with leaders and their classroom needs.
  • You are glad to familiarize yourself with protocol and recognize its importance.
  • You have keen observation skills.

How we do it:

  • Gather necessary material, resources, and supplies for the classrooms.
  • Make sure all rooms have a walkie-talkie, as well as one for the Roamer.
  • Be readily available on a Sunday morning. 
  • Assist families with where they are going. 
  • Watch for/help unattended children.

We win when:

  • Our PCC kids and leaders are able to be supported on a Sunday morning. 
  • Friendships are forged with teammates.
  • Teammates pray for and encourage each other.
  • Teammates share ideas and experiences.

Email: Family Ministry Director, Jacquie Ronan