SC: Parking Lot Greeter

SC: Parking Lot Greeter

Sunday Connection

Parking Lot Greeter

What we do:

We welcome with joy. Our worship gatherings are a created space where people can engage community, bring their offerings and worship, and hear the Word of God. Parking is a “first touch” role that provides a joyful welcome, an official presence, and service to those entering our campus.

Why we do it:

In conjunction with our G4 strategy, as part of our Connection Team, the role of Parking Lot Greeter is to bring the “WOO!” and assist arriving attendees with finding appropriate parking. This role helps people Gather, encourages our visitors to Grow in Christ through participating in worship, and as a team member—you Give of your abilities. That’s three of the four G4 elements in one role!

Who does it:

Are you awake and lively in the morning? Does gathering together with our PCC community light you up? Does the idea of a party in the parking lot get you pumped up? Do you like to smile and cheer people on? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then this role is for you!

How we do it:

  • Arrive 45 minutes before gathering with energy and eagerness to serve.
  • Be intentional to share your joy.
  • Give direction to anyone who is new.
  • Be welcoming and helpful.
  • Serve 2x per month when scheduled and available.


Preliminary and ongoing training. Monthly check-ins with our team lead.

We win when:

  • Guests express feeling welcomed and valued—through smiles, waves, or words.
  • Team is thriving and having FUN!

Email: Mobilization Pastor, Scott Kirksey