SC: Gathering Host

SC: Gathering Host

Gathering Host

What we do:

The Gathering Host acts as an emcee to the Sunday Gathering. Following the assignments on the Sunday cue sheet, the Gathering Host welcomes PCC congregants in the Worship Center and online, verbally delivers announcements, provides gathering transitions, and closes the gathering with our PCC benediction.

Why we do it:

The Gathering Host role contributes to the first G of our G4 strategy, “Gather.” This role is key to creating an atmosphere of joy, fellowship, worship, and reflective moments.

Who does it:

The Gathering Host sets the tone of the gathering, so the ideal host: 

  • Loves Jesus
  • Loves to bring a smile
  • Communicates with skill, humor, and exuberance
  • Values the gathered community

How we do it:

  • Work with the Gathering Pastor and worship team to be prepared for the Sunday gathering. 
  • Rehearse on your own before the gathering.
  • On your scheduled Sunday, join the morning prayer with all gathering contributors at 8:30am. 

We win when:

  • We work as a team to create a welcoming space where all who attend a PCC gathering are invited to respond to the grace of God in their lives.
  • We respect all contributors of the gathering by effectively accomplishing our communication while staying in our allotted time.
  • Friendships are forged within the Sunday Connection Team.
  • Teammates pray for and encourage each other.

Email: Virginia Unga