WCA: Stagehand

WCA: Stagehand


Worship & Creative Arts

What we do:

Stagehands work with the Audio House Mixer and band members to set up and break down microphones, speakers, cables, and other sound devices. 

Why we do it:

Stagehands help to create an attractive stage and assist with changes needed from one gathering to another. 

Aligning with our G4 Strategy, this role helps our online family to Gather to remember and celebrate God. Their engagement with the worship music and teaching helps them to Grow in Christ-likeness. This contribution is a godly gift from the Stagehand, as he or she Gives of their talents and abilities.

Who does it:

  • You can lift and carry up to 30 pounds.
  • You are able to sustain a considerable amount of moving during setup and break-down.
  • You love the notion of enriching the worship experience for our PCC Family.
  • You like the comradery of being on a team and the interplay of working as a team.

How we do it:

Stagehands help with stage setup, changeovers, and break down.

  • Arrive about 45 minutes before the scheduled/assigned gathering(s).
  • Upon arrival, touch base with your team lead for instructions.
  • Execute the role during the gathering(s).
  • Debrief with your team lead afterwards.


Preliminary and ongoing guidance.

We win when:

  • Hosts, speakers, and band members can confidently focus on their responsibilities, knowing the Stagehand creates a functioning pleasing stage.
  • Friendships are forged with WCA teammates.
  • WCA teammates pray for and encourage each other.
  • WCA teammates share ideas and experiences.

Email: Audio & Media Tech Director, Greg Bryant
Email: Adults Pastor, Scott Kirksey