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Posted March 13, 2020
Posted By Lori Zimmerman

5/18 Update:

When will PCC “open”?

In response to this often-asked question, Pastor Gary addressed the considerations PCC Leadership is weighing in his May 18 all-church email. Click here to read.


4/18 Update:

Available Care

For those facing a financial challenge, Peninsula Covenant Church will consider providing assistance from its Community Care Fund. To request assistance, please fill out the following online application. Click here to learn more about the Community Care Fund, as well as other ways PCC cares in a variety of ways.


3/19 Update:

Seniors/Older Adults Assistance
♦ during shelter-in-place

If you find yourself needing assistance with groceries, local shopping, or would just like someone to check in with you by phone, click/tap here or on the button below to access our request form. We will get back to you soon. You’re not alone — we will walk through this with you.


3/12 Update:
Watch Gary’s 3/12 announcement about our gatherings…

Read Gary’s letter to our PCC family here.

In the meantime, STAY SAFE & CONNECTED:

The best way to help stop the spread of the virus is to follow these common-sense guidelines:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use the elbow bump rather than handshake as a greeting. If you sneeze or cough, please use a tissue or handkerchief, then go wash your hands.

If you are sick, stay home, except to get medical care.

Constantly checking the headlines and worrying about getting sick can have the unintended effect of robbing you of sleep and driving up your stress. That makes you more vulnerable to illness, not to mention fear-driven hysteria. Allow yourself to let go of “anticipatory anxiety”. Visit our Prayer Request resource page and ask for prayer. Gary talks about worry in his 3/15 message.

Watch Sunday Online and participate with the online community, through social media, email, and other avenues, as they come available on the Sunday Online page.

We encourage you, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our weekly emails below.



This situation is changing rapidly. We will update you if we hear of any new recommendations from the authorities.

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