COVID Care Teams
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Posted April 10, 2020
Posted By Lori Zimmerman

In a time of shelter-in-place…

Did you know that we can still be an enormous blessing to people in this community? Reach out safely in-person or virtually.


Choose any of the 4 teams:


Team Focus:
Go to stores or shop online for food and staples needed by families/individuals in need.

Tools Needed:
Transportation or online shopping access.
Shopping expenses are most often considered a donation.
If you will need reimbursement, just let your team leader know in advance.


Team Focus:
Assemble, create, or prepare items or food—virtually at home OR safely-in-person in the PCC kitchen or another community location.

Tools Needed:
Eagerness to use your hands!


Team Focus:
With your own vehicle, drive supplies and food to designated safe-in-person drop-off locations.

Tools Needed:
Transportation, lots of smiles.


Team Focus:
This outreach most often begins with a simple pen-pal type of relationship—with a child or adult. You may choose to expand to a specific identified need that you are equipped to fulfill, either virtually or safe-in-person.

Tools Needed:
Humility and genuine patient love for vulnerable people.



Joining a team means joining a new group of friends, sharing a common purpose!

Click HERE to get started.



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