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Posted September 20, 2018
Posted By Kristin Hernandez

Seven ancient letters are in every Bible, tucked into an obscure part of the Book of Revelation. They were written to churches in Turkey containing the actual words of Christ from 20 centuries ago. These letters are often overlooked because their symbolic language can be puzzling to many of us as we read. 

This fall, we’ll journey to these seven churches and help decode these documents in a series called Dear Church. If you’ve ever felt discouraged, exhausted, or in need of a personal word from God, these letters from Christ can change the way you see the church, your circumstances, your present, and your future. Join us each week starting September 30!




Sep 30 Dear Church Revelation 1:3
Oct 7 Ephesus: To Busy People Revelation 2:4-5
Oct 14 Smyrna: To Hurting People Revelation 2:10
Oct 21 Pergamum: To Confused Christ Followers Revelation 2:13
Oct 28 Thyatira: To a Church Growing Toxic Revelation 2:25
Nov 4 Sardis: To People Whose Faith is Dying Revelation 3:3
Nov 11 Philadelphia: To People Who Need Assurance Revelation 3:8
Nov 18 Laodicea: To Self-Satisfied Believers Revelation 3:20
Nov 25 He’s Still Got the Whole World in His Hands Revelation 2:10



Series Resources

The Seven: 5 day a week devotional, including group questions. Available for $10 at Sunday gatherings beginning September 23.

RightNow Media: Video resources for small groups or individuals, based on The Seven devotional. Don’t have a free RightNow Media account yet? Sign up here.

Beyond Sunday: A devotional resource for your week based on the message series.

BLESS: 5 missional practices of prayer and sharing our faith.

Message Podcasts: Miss a Sunday? Listen here.

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