Hope That Moves: The Hand of the Lord – Study Guide
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Posted January 29, 2017
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Series: Hope that moves: The Hand of the Lord
Passages: Acts 11:19-30
REFLECT on the message heard Sunday, 1/29
Read Acts 11:19-21, Exodus 14:31, Nehemiah 2:8

1. Read Acts 11:19-21. What do you imagine is meant by “the Lord’s hand was on them?”
How do you think this leads to many people turning to the Lord and believing in Him?
Have you ever experienced “the Lord’s hand being on you?” What was that like? How
does God’s hand being on you enable you to do things you couldn’t alone?

2. Gary spelled out two elements of the Lord’s hand being on things: God’s power, and
God’s blessing.
a. Read Exodus 14:31. Why do you think an obvious display of God’s power tends
to create faith? Have you ever seen or experienced this type of thing? What was
its effect on you?
b. Read Nehemiah 2:8. How can seeing that God’s hand moving in blessing inspire
faith in others? Has the obvious ways God is blessing and changing someone’s
life ever inspired faith in you?

3. Read Acts 11:20. One of the most significant developments in the early church was
when the Gospel jumped from a “Jews-only” phenomenon to a faith for every nation,
tongue, and tribe. God caused this jump to happen in Antioch through rank and file
believers whose names aren’t even mentioned in the Bible! Why do you think the
biggest movements of the Gospel throughout history are driven by lay people instead of
high profile professionals? What are some things God’s people can do better than
clergy and professionals can?

4. PCC is believing God that in 10 years God can cause faith in Jesus to dwell in 10% of
the households in Redwood City. It’s a faith goal that is impossible apart from God’s
hand of power and blessing. Have you ever invested serious prayer towards something
that seemed humanly impossible? Have you ever personally seen or heard of God
doing something that was miraculous and impossible by human standards?

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