Hope That Moves: Values – Study Guide
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Posted January 22, 2017
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Series: Hope that Moves: Values
Passages: Acts 11:19-30
REFLECT on the message heard Sunday, 1/22
PCC has chosen six values we use to help us check if we are growing people towards the right
things as Christ followers. They describe what we hope that people will increasingly look like
after they’ve been with us for a while. We believe they are traits and lifestyle-habits that the
Bible calls all of us to grow towards. They shape all our ministry efforts and they will form the
backbone of this week’s “Beyond Sunday”.
Read Acts 11:19-21.
1. Living the Word of God
2. Following the Holy Spirit
3. Practicing healthy relationships
4. Sharing Jesus Christ
5. Seeking social justice
6. Giving generously
a. In your own words what do you think each of these means?
b. Which of these do you feel like you are best at living out?
c. Which are the hardest for you?
d. Are there any that are confusing? (i.e. you’re not sure what it means?, not sure if
you like it?) Who could you talk to in order to clarify?
e. How does the rhythm of the spiritual habits of Gathering, Growing, and Giving
help you grow towards these traits of maturity?
f. Name someone you know personally who represents well what it means to live
out one of these values? Explain.
g. How do you think these may be good “measures” to help us assess our growth
as followers of Jesus?

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