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Posted June 17, 2020
Posted By Lori Zimmerman

Are you missing in-person connection?

That’s a question most of us would answer, “YES!” That said, we are varied in our individual readiness to be too close in proximity to others, especially given the COVID-19 statistics we are hearing about daily. We at PCC also recognize that some of our dear community is experiencing fatigue with online gatherings with its missing in-person connection.

So what is a possible safe solution? How about being in a PCC House Church?!


What is a PCC House Church?

A PCC House Church is a weekly gathering with a consistent designated location, as well as designated host(s) from our church community. Common elements are:

  • Livestream or on-demand video of our online gatherings
  • Conversation
  • Access to gathering materials; e.g., message notes, reflection notes for the upcoming week
  • Prayer


House Church Headcount

  • Dependent on San Mateo County limits on gathering size; e.g., 20 or less
  • Dependent on space size of house church location


Host Training

Every official PCC House Church will be led by a trained host, in the following areas:

  • Facilitating in context of PCC’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Required safety precautions; e.g., enforcement of 6-foot social distancing and masks—per San Mateo County guidelines/requirements.
  • Protocol for House Church administrative management


House Churches vs. Growth Groups/Small Groups

Growth Groups/Small Groups typically are comprised of Christians and/or people already affiliated with PCC. House Churches do not presume all participants are Christian or familiar with PCC.

Growth Groups/Small Groups are usually more targeted in their composition, according to close-knit peers or affinities. House Churches are much more widely inclusive and do not require attendance consistency or preparation.

Growth Groups/Small Groups tend to be more narrowly focused in their purpose; i.e., specific study topic, not necessarily related to PCC’s resources. House Churches are structured similarly to the Sunday gatherings and oriented around the weekly teaching; however, they are meant to be smaller and more socially accessible.


How to Sign Up

Below is access to the interest form. There, you will note 3 options:

Register your small group
Plenty of our pre-existing small groups want to also get together in person to worship. By registering your small group in this way, it is not intended to be a replacement for your small group’s original intended purpose—instead, this is a way of letting us know you are also meeting for worship, so we can help equip you with PCC resources and safety protocol.


Lead or host a House Church
Let us know if you would like to lead a House Church or if you would like to host one by providing a meeting place. Either way, PCC House Church leadership will come alongside you and get you equipped and rolling with your House Church community.


Join an open House Church
Simply click the ‘join’ box on the form—it’s that easy!







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