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Posted August 30, 2017
Posted By Kristin Hernandez

As a church community, our vision is to see the hope of Christ move through the Peninsula, so that people can come to know the gift of new life in Christ. We want to empower the generations to passionately follow Christ, one home at a time. God’s heart is for all people to come to know him, and He uses us, the church, to draw people to Himself. In this series, we will be refreshed in our vision to love our city and the people in it, and equipped to do that with a tool called BLESS.


Sep 3 Love Everyone Always | Prayer Ephesians 2:10 Anthony Mejia
Sep 10 Love Everyone Always Luke 19:1-10 Gary Gaddini
Sep 17 Bless Everyone Always Acts 8:26-40 Beth Seversen
Sep 24 Serve Everyone Always John 13:1-17 Gary Gaddini


Series Resources

Right Now MediaOnline video and Bible study resources for all ages.

Beyond Sunday: A devotional resource for your week based on our message series.

BLESS: 5 missional practices of prayer and evangelism.

Playlists: The songs we’re singing in our gatherings this season.
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