Nehemiah: Rebuild, Restore, Renew

Our culture loves restoration. Whether it be reality shows about homes restored, stories of lives and relationships restored, or the store Restoration Hardware, there is something that draws us to the concept. At PCC, we are about restoration as well. Restoration brings hope. We live in the hope that there is Good News for every broken human being as well as the broken systems in our culture. God is the ultimate Fixer Upper – He loves to rebuild, restore, and renew broken lives.

Join us for an 12-week journey through the book of Nehemiah and what is quite possibly the most famous restoration project in the Old Testament: the rebuilding of the walls and people of Jerusalem. God took Nehemiah on a journey (literally and spiritually) to restore hope to a broken people, to rebuild walls of a city that lay in ruin, and finally to spiritually renew a community that had grown spiritually cold. In our journey through this book, we’ll be encouraged anew to be healed as we participate in the healing of others!



Share Your Story

We’d love to highlight stories of PCC’ers who are, through their everyday lives, partnering with God to restore, rebuild, and renew what is broken in our world! Who do you know who is living in such a significant way that they are being renewed – being healed as they participate in the healing of others? Who do you know who is restoring, rebuilding, or renewing our world through their neighborhood, their family, their marriage, or their life in some way? Share some brief information with us by clicking below, and we’ll follow up with you!



Jan 7 Rebuild, Restore, and Renew Overview
Jan 14 Restoring Hope Nehemiah 1:4
Jan 21 What Restorers Know Nehemiah 2:17-18
Jan 28 It Takes a Team Nehemiah 4:14
Feb 4 Battle Ready Nehemiah 5:9
Feb 11 Integrity Insights Nehemiah 5:14-15
Feb 18 Resisting Quitting Nehemiah 6:15
Feb 25 Names that Matter Nehemiah 7:4-5
Mar 4 Spiritual Renewal Part 1 Nehemiah 8:10
Mar 11 Spiritual Renewal Part 2 Nehemiah 10:39
Mar 18 From Restoration to Relapse Nehemiah 13:8
Mar 25 Living a Life that Rebuilds, Restores, and Renews Nehemiah 12:43


Series Resources

Holy Ambition by Chip Ingram & Howard Hendricks: A book resource to supplement the series. Available for purchase at PCC gatherings starting January 7, or on Amazon.

Holy Ambition Video Series on RightNow Media: An 8-week video series for small groups or individuals. Don’t have a free RightNow Media account yet? Sign up here.

Ezra-Nehemiah Video Overview: An 8-minute overview of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah by The Bible Project.

Beyond Sunday: A devotional resource for your week based on the message series.

Screen Backgrounds: Download backgrounds for your phone, tablet, or desktop and be reminded all week long that our God is one who rebuilds, restores, and renews! Click on the green links to the right, then save to your desktop or phone.

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