PCC Stakeholder Process
The Details

Posted November 06, 2019
Posted By Patty Naff

Becoming a PCC Stakeholder (member) is an engaging 5-step process. Based on PCC being a congregational-lead church, completing the stakeholder pathway enables you to vote on key future issues and engage in leadership opportunities.

Step 1
Individually, complete the online PCC Stakeholder Application.

Step 2
Complete “Becoming a PCC Stakeholder” customized curriculum (Sessions 1-3) found on the RightNow Media (RNM) platform on the Peninsula Covenant Church channel. Click for a free RNM account.

Step 3
Meet with your Gathering Pastor to clarify ECC key distinctives, PCC Vision, Mission, Values, Stakeholder expectations, and your G4 next steps.

Step 4
Be formally welcomed in at your gathering.
RSVP to let us know which gathering you will be attending.

Step 5
Within one year of application, commit to completing ROOTED, if you have not already.

For more information, contact your gathering pastor.
8:55 – Peter Perkins
10:00 (Hudson) – Scott Kirksey
11:00 – Brian Rhen

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