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Posted March 01, 2019
Posted By PCC TEAM

Prayer Plan

Living a life with God involves listening and talking to God, then acting on what He says. Simply put, the “with God” life is about hearing and doing. While the Discovery Bible Study helps you to “hear and do” through His Word, we wanted to increase your ability to “hear and do” by enhancing your prayer life with God.

This resource will help you:
1. GET FOCUSED: Establish when and what you will pray about
2. CHOOSE A MODEL: Determine how you will pray each day
3. RECORD: Note frequently how God is moving in your life.

It’s not about getting it right, but more about connecting with Him more frequently, so that you can experience the love, grace, peace, conviction, wrestle, and guidance of life with God. Feel free to change things up as you pray by experimenting with different models while keeping the goal of integrating Him more and more into your life.

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