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Posted August 01, 2018
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On Sunday, August 5, at a Stakeholder Summit meeting, a quorum of PCC voting stakeholders unanimously approved the call of Ian Pitter as PCC’s Creative Arts Pastor! Please click here for a candidate information packet to find out more about Ian, and join us praying for the Pitter family as they transition to PCC this fall.


PCC is currently in the process of finding and selecting a new Worship Pastor who will lead the Worship Department. We understand there may be lots of interest in the process! Please see the frequently asked questions below for more information, and join us in praying for God to lead us to the candidate he wants in this role.


How will the selection process work?
To find PCC’s next Worship Pastor and Department Leader, we have retained the services of Slingshot, the country’s leading search ministry for worship pastors. Slingshot has more than 10,000 candidates in their database and has placed hundreds of worship pastors in churches last year alone.

In addition, the Leadership Team has commissioned a selection team, chaired by VK Jones, Leadership Team Representative for Worship Ministries, to help interview and select who God wants in this role.

Who is on the selection team?
Last updated 2/20/18: The team formed and began meeting in the month of February. Notes from the selection team meetings can be found in the timeline below. The team is chaired by VK Jones, LST Representative for Worship Ministries. The selection team members are:

  • VK Jones (Selection Team Chair)
  • John Dearborn (Leadership Team Chair)
  • Gary Gaddini (Lead Pastor)
  • Mary Lou Morton
  • Patricia Ortiz
  • Jessica Tretler
  • Steven Wang

How can I contact the selection team?
Please email the team at

Will the congregation get to meet a candidate?
Once selected, the candidate will be introduced to the congregation and brought for approval by a vote of the membership, as stated in our bylaws.

Who is currently leading the Worship Department during this selection process?
Gary Gaddini, Lead Pastor, and Dain Jepson, Organizational Development Pastor, are providing interim leadership to the Worship Department.

What is the timeline?
Last updated 7/12/18: This timeline will be continually updated as relevant items become available.

  • February 1: Position posted on Slingshot
  • February 8: Worship Department transitions announced
  • February 18 Selection Team First Meeting: Met for the first time as a selection team; identified our task, our priorities, the role of Slingshot, how we will engage together.
  • February 25 Selection Team Meeting: Offered edits to the job description posted on Slingshot. Began to create a prioritized list of values/competencies to rank candidates.
  • March 4, 12:30pm: Worship Transition Information Meeting (Fellowship Center)
  • March 4 Selection Team Meeting: Edited our posting on the Slingshot website to best reflect who we are and who we are looking for. Clarified the character traits, values, and competencies we are prioritizing for our next Worship Pastor. This week we begin processing the top eight candidates that Slingshot has provided for us – prayers appreciated.
  • March 11 Selection Team Meeting: Edited the posting that is on Slingshot for better alignment. Began to process as a team our 8 candidates, discussing their profiles from Slingshot.
  • March 25 Selection Team Meeting: We have settled on a pool of 6 prospective candidates. We have prayerfully reviewed all candidate portfolios provided by Slingshot. Monty Kelso, President of Slingshot, who is representing PCC, called in and discussed all candidates in the pool with the selection team, fielding questions and providing further insights. The selection team ranked all candidates and are setting up video interviews for the coming weeks. After video interviews, the top candidate or candidates will be brought to PCC.
  • April 15-16 Selection Team Meetings: We engaged our top 5 candidates in Skype interviews over the weekend. The interviews allowed for both us and them to engage in questions and further discern God’s will for both of us. This week, we are praying and seeking God for how many of the five and who to bring out to PCC for face to face interviews and worship leadership on the platform. We will gather on 4/22 to affirm a ranking of our candidates and who to move forward with.
  • April 22 Selection Team Meeting: After a thorough and prayerful vetting process, we have narrowed our candidate pool to three candidates. Our candidates are being contacted and informed of our decision and our intention to bring them out for a weekend worship experience starting mid May. Please be praying for the coordination efforts and that God works out the details of the timing.
  • May 10: Update email sent to congregation [Read a PDF here]
  • June 3 Selection Team Meeting: We gathered to process Darnisha’s visit and prepare for our next two candidates coming on 6/10 and 6/17. We also assessed the two diagnostic evaluations we put our candidates through which gives a clearer picture of their gifts and calling. Finally, we are beginning to follow up on references for each of our three candidates.
  • June 17 Selection Team Meeting: We had our third and final candidate in Redwood City and on the platforms at 9:05 and 11:00 on Sunday. The Selection Team meets on 6/24 to come together and select a final candidate to move forward with. Please pray for wisdom and discernment.
  • July 2: Praise God! The Worship Selection Team has enthusiastically put forth a candidate to the Leadership Team who unanimously approved the selection. On August 5, our candidate and family will be worshipping with us and our candidate will be interviewed in all 4 gatherings. We will then convene in a Stakeholder’s Meeting at 12:30pm to vote on our candidate.  
  • July 12: Candidate Announcement! Candidate Ian Pitter announced via email sent to congregation [Read it here]. A Stakeholder Summit meeting is scheduled for August 5, 12:30pm, where there will be time to ask questions of Ian and the Selection Team and a vote on Ian’s candidacy.
  • August 5, 12:30pm: Stakeholder Summit meeting; Ian Pitter is unanimously approved as PCC’s Creative Arts Pastor.



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