Send Well Wishes to Gary

Farewell to Pastor Gary

Ways to Honor Gary & His Family

Record a video tribute and upload here or send to

Write a card or note and send c/o Daisy Segal, 3560 Farm Hill Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94061

VIDEOS: Due June 23 | CARDS: Due June 25

Helpful Tips for Video Recording

  • From your smart device (e.g., mobile phone or tablet), in its camera settings, choose “record video” setting of 4K 30 FPS. Alternatively, 1080p HD 30 FPS is also acceptable.
  • Prop your phone up in the landscape position (like a widescreen) or use a tripod.
  • Be in a well-lit location and have the lighting in front of you, not behind you.
  • Record in a quiet location.
  • Start recording, wait 3 seconds, then speak.
  • Before you stop recording, allow 3 seconds, then press stop. (We can remove that footage, as we edit.)

Gary’s Last Sunday at PCC

Sunday, June 27

Please join us on Sunday, June 27, at the 8:45am or 10:30am worship gatherings, where we’ll celebrate what God has done through Gary, Anne, and the whole Gaddini family!