Flood Relief Help

Flood Relief Help

At least 17 families in mobile trailer parks in Redwood City have been severely affected and without daily necessities. Click here to donate blankets, rubber boots, and read more on how you can help. 

Did you know that… the last 3 weeks have been the wettest in the Bay Area since Abraham Lincoln was President? But more importantly, did you know that we have neighbors in Redwood City whose homes are still flooded with water?

The mobile home parks close to the bay have experienced huge devastation. Families were evacuated, and many lost everything they were storing in their “cellars” – the open space under their mobile homes. They are in desperate need for blankets, boots, drinkable water, paper supplies, and much more. 

City officials were not prepared. No one could have expected anything this torrential. 

So Keith and Angie Ibarra-Miller, PCC’s in-person partners reaching out to East Redwood City, have been making regular visits to bring supplies to families, offering encouragement and prayer. They have met with confused people who were turned down from getting help from the city as well as from their own park management. Keith shared how moved many have been just to know that someone cares and is trying to help.

The is the power of being proximate to people of need. 
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