Marriage is all about sustaining oneness—an ongoing journey of cherishing and respecting one another.

Marriage Support and Weddings

At PCC, we believe that a man and a woman are designed to come together in marriage to reflect the full image of God’s loving character. Although a wedding ceremony before God is key to living out His purpose, we value even more the prior preparation and endless investment after the wedding day.

To help couples in this process, below you will find our suggested guide for making your marriage thrive and sustaining oneness. Click any or all of the buttons to learn about each offering.


VOWs is an ongoing workshop series that provides teaching and couple-time, based on one of the 5 key VOWs. Feel free to enter into the VOWs rotation at any time. See which workshops are upcoming below or check out PCC’s event calendar, as they come available. Each session is 90 minutes.

Vow 1:
I vow to seek God’s power, perspective, and purpose. These vows help you to:

  • make the spiritual more natural in your marriage
  • discover your individual spiritual language and spiritual rhythm
  • experience God’s power together

Vows 2 & 3:
I vow to commit to sacrificially love and cherish my wife/respect my husband. Theses vows help you to:

  • clarify your spouse’s dos and don’ts, when it comes to loving them
  • identify the crazy cycle and learn to stop it
  • establish a plan to enhance your emotional connection

Vow 4:
I vow to be gracious and forgive. These vows help you to:

  • apply the salve of grace to your rough spots
  • apologize in a manner that unlocks forgiveness
  • establish a healthy reconciliation process

Vow 5:
I vow to choose the right words. These vows help you to:

  • understand the zones of communication
  • work out conflict, using the hourglass method
  • find ways to declare what you need with grace and truth

Marriage Coaching

Through our PCC pastors or recommended professionals, marriage coaching is recommended and available for:

  • pre-engagement
  • pre-marital
  • marriage enrichment
  • marriage reparation

To apply for a marriage coach click below to fill out the application.

Apply for a Marriage Coach


Available to regular attenders, members of PCC, or as approved by a PCC Pastor. Weddings must be scheduled through our Event Coordinator and in conjunction with a PCC Pastor.

Contact Adults Pastor: Scott Kirksey