Thank you for investing through PCC! Whether through church operations or global and local outreach, all contributions are applied with the single priority of reaching people for Christ.

We are excited you are partnering with us in our mission to infuse the hope of Christ in our city and in the world. Each year we prayerfully set a budget in line with our vision to fuel a movement to reach people and to renew communities. 

We are a people passionate about God’s redeeming love and justice in Jesus Christ, therefore we are generous with our time, talent, and treasure. Generosity is a life-long journey — we give of the resources God has given to us. No matter where you are on your generosity journey, we encourage you to pray that God will direct your giving.

God does not need our money. He wants our hearts. Living with a heart of generosity toward the needs of others can be a life-long journey. 

Welcome to a movement of generosity!

Pushpay Giving Online
Set up a Pushpay account to give electronically to PCC, sourced from your bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Pushpay Mobile App
Text “pushpay” to (833) 245-7369 to download the Pushpay app on your phone and/or tablet. Once you have setup your mobile device with the Pushpay app, giving is fast and easy. Text “wearepcc” to (833) 245-7369 to donate.

Mail in Check
Make your check payable to PCC or Peninsula Covenant Church.
Our address is:
3560 Farm Hill Boulevard,
Redwood City, CA 94061

Donate your car, boat, or other vehicle. The proceeds will go to PCC through CARS. This method is confidential, tax-deductible, convenient.

Other Ways

Stock: Use this form for instructions on how to give stock.
Want to donate property or stock?

Estate Planning: Are you planning your estate? Contact us for ideas and help.

How do I set up online giving?

Click here to be directed to Pushpay, our online giving instrument. Once you select the options for making a donation, it will direct you to creating an account.

How do I make a stock or mutual fund gift?

Use this form to get instructions on how to connect your stock or mutual funds to our brokerage account and to let us know of your gift. 

How do I get a receipt for my gifts?

If you give through Pushpay, you can access your giving records through your account. We also send you a giving statement by January 31 for the prior year. If you need help getting your giving statement or have questions, just let us know at We’re happy to help!

What ministry would benefit most from my gift?

All budgeted PCC ministries and overhead are fully funded from the General Fund. The best way to support PCC is by making a contribution to the General Fund (an unrestricted gift). This allows us to direct the money to where it is needed most.

How do I contact the Finance Team?

Email to get the help you need.

Thank you for your generosity! Over a quarter of the funds given through PCC, including our budgeted and special offerings, are deployed off our campus to global and local outreach.

PCC is a qualified not-for-profit religious organization (EIN 94-1447220) that accepts donations that support its mission, vision, and values. All budgeted PCC ministries and overhead are fully funded from the General Fund. These donations are governed by the Leadership Team, as outlined by IRS rules for not-for-profit organizations.

Housing Solutions for PCC’s Mission

Aslan Housing Foundation is a supporting organization of PCC, whose mission is to enable individuals serving the mission of PCC to create a long-term housing solution for their families. Find out more at

Aslan Housing Foundation is an entirely separate organization from PCC; it has its own tax-exempt status, tax ID number, budget, and board of directors. At the same time. it is solely devoted to the benefit of PCC staff-housing, via its Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and the way in which it obtained tax-exempt status from the IRS. Aslan is a Type III Functionally Integrated Supporting Organization of PCC and offers the highest tax-deductibility available to donors as a public charity. If Aslan were to dissolve, its assets are required to go to PCC.

Fiscal Year: June 1 – May 31

Annual Budget: $3,100,000

As of: May 28, 2024

Needed to Date: $3,100,000
Giving to Date: $2,927,442
Shortfall to Date: $172,558