There’s no better way to meet people and make new friends than to join PCC Serve. Take a look at the many teams, who all serve God, our PCC family, and one another.

Once you find a role you want to try, click on the corresponding PCC SERVE FORM button to submit your interest.

We believe God has designed you on purpose and has given you unique gifts to realize your potential in serving Him.  We also believe that God loves you and because of this, you will experience joy when serving in your “sweet spot”. 

Are you interested in discovering your spiritual gifts? 

You can take this Spiritual Gifts Assessment to learn more about your unique spiritual gifts, and then choose to meet with a pastor on staff to discuss the results and areas you’d like to serve.

+Coffee Connection Barista

+Video Switcher / Director
+Media Tech
+Lighting Operator
+Camera Operator
+Audio House Mixer
+Audio Broadcast Mixer


Primary Roles—2x per month

+Small Group Leader
+Large Group Leader
+Check-in Stations – Welcome Desk/Roamer

Secondary Roles—2x per month

+Sunday Morning Roamer
+Leader Substitute


+MidWeek Small Group Leader
+MidWeek Host
+MidWeek Game Lead
+MidWeek Check-In Assistant
+MidWeek Dinner Coordinator

+Middle School Group Leader
+High School Group Leader

+Stephen Minister
+Care Team Member