PCC Global Partners

PCC Global Partners

Drs. Trent and Tabby Cox lead Le Rucher Ministries in Cessy, France. Tabby is Executive Director and Trent is Director of Operations. They served many years in Ethiopia both as veterinarians in the southwest and in national ministry leadership in the capital. Their work with both global personnel and meeting deepest needs of the poor prepared them for Le Rucher, where they lead leaders in ethnic reconciliation, community development, and member care. Their children are Jack, Lili, and Desta.

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Email: Tabitha.cox@gmail.com

Autumn and Richard Acheampong serve children and teachers at City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) in Doryumu, Volta, Ghana. In addition to providing quality education for the most vulnerable children in the community, CORM helps rescue young children from labor trafficking on Lake Volta. Autumn and Richard foster two boys Malvin and Edwin. They are the proud parents of Andrea and Harper Acheampong.

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Email: autumn@cormghana.org

Mossai and Sabuli Sanguma have been leading the church in Congo, as well as the country, from caring for the most vulnerable orphan to serving in the national Senate as 2nd Vice-President. During his tenure as President of the CEUM (Communauté Evangélique de l’Ubangi Mongala), Mossai founded Ubangi Protestant University to allow anyone from remote areas, such as Gemena, to receive higher education. Sabuli cares for a hundred orphaned and vulnerable children through Sabuli Children’s Center. Together their family oversees many other cutting edge ministries in northwest Congo, including a medical clinic, community center, farm for sustainability for the children’s center, and community transportation.

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Ken and Avisha Mpemba live in Blantyre, Malawi with their children Isaac, Ezra and Bethany. Leading Malawi Children’s Mission, they provide food, medical care, schooling, and vocational development for 150 local vulnerable children and youth, most whom were orphaned by the HivAIDS crisis and now cared for by extended family, all living in poverty.

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Bayana Chunga lives in Blantyre, Malawi with his daughters Kwamora and Watonda. A nationally renowned communicator through his national TV and radio ministry, “Wings of Hope”, Bayana is especially passionate about discipling youth, college students and young families.

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Email: bayanachunge@yahoo.com

Mitch and Juliette Anderson have lived in Pichilemu, Chile since they were newlyweds. Even though only their youngest, Katrina, still lives at home, their other 4 children are in the area helping lead various aspects of the ministry. They founded and direct a local Youth with a Mission base that has reached deep into the community through sports—with a focus on swimming and surfing, education, and other discipling ministries. Many young people mature into disciples of Jesus while studying in their schools of evangelism, discipleship, sports, and counseling.

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Email: andersonsurf7@gmail.com

Patty and Lisandro Restrepo have lived with their son Samuel in Mexico for over 2 decades, serving vulnerable peoples through Serve Globally. Recently relocated to Leon, Guanajuato, they support a vulnerable community where a church with an integrated approach for sharing the Good News is being planted. They also provide support for MAEM (Ministering to the Abused and Exploited in Mexico) ministry at a national level, as well as advise other emergent holistic ministries in the central area of Mexico. They also reach out to meet deep needs of migrants in Mexico.

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Email: patricia.restrepo@covchurch.org

Ken and Adrienne Satterberg focus their time in Lyon, France with some of the most vulnerable populations, especially immigrants from North Africa who may have inadvertently followed traffickers or minors who arrived without family support. Ken is a linguist by training and Adrienne is a nurse, sent by Serve Globally. They use their communication skills and caring hearts to bring hope to the voiceless. Walking alongside pastors and leaders of immigrant churches from countries, such as Iran, is also a place where they focus on disciple-making.

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Email: ken.satterberg@covchurch.org

Jon and Faith live in East Asia where he trains church leaders and leads University Accreditation throughout the continent for Asia Theological Association. Faith counsels students at an international school.

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Email: jonro6@gmail.com