Our Leadership

PCC Leadership

The Peninsula Covenant Church Leadership Team (LST) is a group of lay and staff leaders, who oversee the mission of PCC. The LST is made up of:

  • Mark Tumney – Lead Pastor
  • Officers
  • Representatives
  • Staff Lead Team (LT)

The Nominating Team seeks and reviews candidates for the Leadership Team, when positions come open.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the LST shall be to monitor and oversee the spiritual health of Peninsula Covenant Church (PCC), to ensure PCC’s continued biblical alignment with the direction God is calling PCC, to enable and support PCC, and provide essential operations, administration, and implementation of the Mission, Beliefs, and Values of PCC.

QUALIFICATIONS: Members of the Leadership Team shall be members of the Church in good standing. Our bylaws require that a Leadership Team member be a member of the church for not less than one year and be active in the support of the total ministry of the Church, financially and otherwise. They shall demonstrate the Christian maturity and leadership called for in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and Romans 12:3-8.

Mark Tumney — Lead Pastor
Jon Pedley — Chair (2025)
Maureen Becker — Vice Chair (2023)
Sue Fabbro — Secretary (2024)
Anna Schreff — Treasurer (2024)

David Cowan — Adult Ministries (2025)
Jonathan Kaech — Global & Local Outreach (2025)
Cathy James — Students & Families (2025)
Michelle Chabra — Worship (2025)
Michael Prosper — Community Center (2023)
Lisa La Rock – Preschool-School Age Child Care (2023)

Meredith McLean – Community Center
Jacquie Ronan – Families
Jane Johnson – Human Resources & Facilities
Tara Rankin – Finance
Carina Gleason – Worship
Scott Kirksey – Adults
Daisy Segal – Communications
Jenn Corrales – Preschool

Spiritual Guidance Commission:
Mark Tumney
Jon Pedley
Sue Fabbro

John Becker (2024)
Curtis Elia (2024)
Josh Levinson (2024)
Peggy Mahlstedt (2025)
Charisma Simmons (2025)
Michelle Vitus (2025)
Patricia Ortiz (2026)

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