Searching for the Messiah

  • Advent series begins Sunday, November 26
  • 2 Christmas Eve Gatherings @ 10:30am & 5pm
  • NO in person/Online Only Gathering on Sunday, December 31
    • Broadcast times: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm

The Jewish people longed for the arrival of the one who would come. Moses spoke about one who would come to be like him. Tied up in the word Messiah was anticipation and expectation. The Messiah hadn’t arrived yet, but steeped in the hope that he would arrive were ideas about what he would be like. Some thought he would be a high priest, bringing forgiveness and reconciliation with God. Some thought that he would bring emancipation from the rule of their oppressors, delivering them as a nation. Some remembered the best of times for the nation of Israel while David was their king, and hoped that the Messiah would bring new leadership to the nation of Israel. While still others hoped for a father who would restore a fractured community and live into the promises God made to Abraham.  Jesus became all four and then some, but not in the ways anyone would expect.

As a community of believers in Jesus, we too are strengthened in hope. Who are you looking for? We long for connection, peace, hope, joy, love, order, control, closure, peace, calm… We are all searching for the Messiah. What change do you need the Messiah to bring?

November 26

High Priest like Melchizedek (LOVE)

December 3

Deliverer like Moses (HOPE)

December 10

Father like Abraham (PEACE)

December 17

King like David (JOY)

December 24

Jesus: Messiah (CHRIST)
**CHRISTMAS EVE GATHERINGS @ 10:30am & 5pm**

December 31

Broadcast Times: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm