North America

North America

Most of PCC’s global partners based in the US are abroad regularly, serving global church leaders and many different global ambassadors. During the COVID-19 travel restrictions, much of that has been curtailed, though many have been able to develop an even broader and deeper network of relationships around the world, through deliberate online relationship-building. They all covet your prayers and would love to add you to their regular communications, so you can pray more effectively. 

Leadership Development

Paul DeNeui lives in Chicago with his wife Gretchen. He teaches world mission courses at North Park Seminary where he founded and leads the Center for World Christian Studies. Gretchen is an accountant on the Serve Globally team of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). 

Peter and Janet Payne live at Mount Hermon, leading ministry on the UCSC campus as well as serving many campus ministry groups in Europe. A gifted apologist, Peter (and Janet) started Institute for Credible Christianity. Janet leads JLife, PCC’s initiative that hosts and teaches Asian students visiting the US.

Linda Swanson lives in Chicago with her husband Kevin. She coaches and cares for women engaged in ministry internationally, writes regularly and frequently visits to offer retreats and encouragement. Kevin serves in conference leadership for the Covenant. 

Rick and Soozie lead Rivendell Institute and live in the Yale community.  They create events introducing graduate students and faculty to the claims of Jesus, discipling Christ-followers. Rick struggles today with signs of ALS and Lyme disease and deeply covets your prayers.

Making Disciples Among the Most Vulnerable

John and Maureen Becker keep PCC aware of, praying for, and involved in the needs and opportunities of those least reached peoples around the world.  Renown in the world of global church leadership, John serves as  VP for Global Networking and Partnerships for GACX.

Lauren Majewski Partain lives with her husband Luke in Kansas City. She serves as chaplain to foster youth in group homes, serving on a team with the Orphan Justice Center. Luke also serves vulnerable children in the Kansas City area.

Chris and Megan Probasco live in San Diego, leading Summer in the USA. Having lived in Basque Country for many years, they know the people well and find delight in creating wonderful, God-filled experiences for Basque youth coming to the US for family host stays where they learn English and enjoy American culture.

John and Corinne Woodberry live in Boise, Idaho, where John directs Disaster Relief for MAF and Corinne is a nurse. When a global disaster hits, likely John will either be on the ground with help soon or quickly will have help sent out. MAF is respected worldwide for its capacity to wisely serve peoples most affected by physical and other unexpected tumultuous disasters.