Radiant Youth

Radiant Youth is looking for fun and energetic men and women who have a heart and passion to support at-risk youth in their own neighborhood. Supporting a foster child or a foster family is the first step in empowering these vulnerable youth to meet Jesus, discover identity in God’s love, and prepare for healthy independent living.

Educate. Wilderness education brings youth into places of God’s creation to explore their own identity through the senses and learn to navigate community systems for independent living. Join a teaching, mentoring, or curriculum development team.

Support foster families and children. Foster the City supports Advocates, Foster Families and Support Friends surrounding vulnerable children with care. They have discovered that the foster families with support friends continue to foster. Those who don’t most often quit. Become a support friend who empowers resource (foster) parents to continue their God-given task of being family for a foster child.

Foster a child. Get trained and start to enjoy the challenge and reward of bringing love and hope into a child who, perhaps without you, has little of either.

Help One Child partners with local churches and community agencies, our mission is to strengthen foster, adoptive, and at-risk families by providing them access to education, community, and tangible resources. Joining the CarePortal network, allows you to help meet emergency needs of local families. 

Christian Alliance for Orphans trains and creates networks for effective ministries with global orphans, foster children, and adoption.


What is CarePortal?

CarePortal is an online network that connects social workers and churches together to help vulnerable children.

Our amazing PCC Glocal Team is inviting you to sign up with the PCC CarePortal team. In doing so, you will receive email alerts as immediate needs arise, providing opportunities to help the vulnerable population in our community in real time. PCC can also identify and submit needs of those within our church body who need assistance.

Getting involved in this initiative is a great volunteer opportunity that can be strictly from the comfort of your home or if the opportunity calls for it, you can be called upon to deliver items with one of our trained volunteers and build a relationship with those who are struggling.

Step #1 – Sign Up!

Malawi Children’s Mission

Malawi Children’s Mission (MCM) creates long-term impact in local communities, delivering quality of life services to Malawi’s orphans, especially those from the least-reached Yao people group. 

Sponsor a child by becoming a prayer sponsor. MCM’s Prayer Sponsorship Program provides caring individuals the opportunity to come alongside our children and offer prayers for their well being and future. The goal is to match all 150 with a prayer sponsor who will receive a picture of the child each year and prayer requests 2–3 times per year.  

Lobiko Initiative

 Lobiko Initiative in Congo (DRC) partners and collaborates with community leaders, local experts, and change agents to provide resources and thought leadership for transformational change, ensuring every person has the opportunity to lead a faith-filled life of well-being and be part of a thriving community. PCC has for many years partnered in the development of Sabuli Children’s Center. Pray for Sabuli and her (about) 100 children.